Peer Review Process

1- Coding of received articles

2- Submit article receipt and letter of commitment form to author

3- Plan at a meeting of the editorial board for reviewer appointments

4- Submit article to reviewers designated for arbitration

5- Receive reviewers' comments

6- If at least comments of three reviewers were received, the comments will be submitted to the editorial board and then sent to the authors for revision and review

7- Received the revised article by the author

8- Review of the revised article by editorial board and reporting by the specialized secretary

9- The article will be accepted for publication if the revised article is approved by reviewers, specialized secretary and editorial board

10- Send a letter of acceptance to the author

11- Send article to English editor

12- Send the edited article to the author for final correction

13- Preparing Galley Proof for author

14- Download the Galley Proof and prepare an initial version for review by editorial board

15- Print article