Author = Sefidbakht, N.
Relationship between serum transferrin types and fertility in three breeds of iranian sheep

Volume 05, Issue 2, October 1977, Pages 139-144


M. Pasdar; M. Mokarechian; N. Sefidbakht

Dried bet pulp as a barley replacement for fattening lanbs of two iranian breeds of sheep

Volume 03, Issue 1, April 1975, Pages 31-40


A. Farid; M. Mokarechian; N. Sefidbakht; M. Mostafavi

The influence of breed abon feedlot performance of iranian fat-tailed sheep

Volume 02, Issue 1, October 1973, Pages 21-29


M. Mikarechian; A. Farid; N. Sefidbakht; M. Mostafavi