Volume & Issue: Volume 36, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2017, Pages 1-116 
1. Effects of heat-moisture treatment on physicochemical properties of wheat starch

Pages 1-6

Mahsa Majzoobi; F. Roushan; M. Kadivar; A. Farahnaky; N. Seifzadeh

2. Comparison of pedogenic properties of some paddy and nonpaddy soils of southern Iran

Pages 7-16

Abdosamad Gholami; M. Baghernejad; A. Abtahi; H.R. Owliaie

3. Planting scenarios for maize cropping under drought conditions

Pages 17-24

Seyed Mehdi Nassiri; A.R. Sepaskhah; R. Jafari; M.M. Maharlooei

9. Detection of quinolones residues in beef and chicken meat in hypermarkets of Urmia, Iran using ELISA

Pages 73-77

Z. Mashak; Ali Mojaddar langroodi; T. Mehdizadeh; A. EbadiFathabad; A. HoomanAsadi

12. Application of barley straw to remove nitrate from drainage water

Pages 105-110

Shahab Ansari; M. Heidarpour; S. F. Mousavi