Volume & Issue: Volume 35, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2016 
1. Response of cereals to cycocel application (Review article)

Pages 1-12

H. PirastehAnosheh; Y. Emam; A. Khaliq

10. An estimation of the combining ability of barley genotypes and heterosis for some quantitative traits

Pages 73-80

S. Pesaraklu; H. Soltanloo; S. Ramezanpour; M. KalateArabi; A. A. NasrollahNejadGhomi

12. The effect of foliar application of urea, humic acid and micronutrients on potato crop

Pages 89-94

S. azamshah; W. Mohammad; S. S. Shahzadi; R. Elahi; A. Ali; A. A.Basir; . Haroon